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Keeping a nature journal : discover a whole new way of seeing the world around you
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Experience the natural world with fresh eyes!

Using the simple techniques in this book, anyone can learn how to start and keep an ongoing nature journal. Along the way you'll develop skills in observing, sketching, appreciating, and writing about life's beauty and mysteries.

"This creative process is a the heart of natural history observation, and it helps to make the best of experiences also the most lasting in memory for anyone wishing to enjoy it." - From the foreword by Edward O. Wilson

"Drawing, writing and nature study can all seem a bit daunting to the uninitiated, but Keeping a Nature Journal with its friendly, rambling format and unpretentious drawings, makes keeping this kind of living record seem as natural and anxiety - free as taking a snapshot or writing a postcard to a friend. A great guide to discovering nature for yourself and creating your own work of art along to way." - Christopher W. Leahy, Director Center for Biological Conservation, Massachusetts Audubon Society

"This book offers people of all ages and interests a simple, direct method for getting outdoors to observe and enjoy the natural world around them." - Mark Wexler, Editor,

National Wildlife

- (Workman Press.)

Like a string of beads - or pearls these little - or grand - episodes help us link to the larger strand. This stringing of images, thoughts, connections, helps us to have more understanding, reason, compassion, gratefulness. - Clare Walker Leslie, journal entry, September 3, 1997

You can experience a spirited yet tranquil exploration of the living world by creating your own nature journal. In any season, any weather, and any place, nature journaling compels us to slow down, observe, reflect, and once again embrace our connection to the living mosaic that is our environment.

Using the methods Clare Walker Leslie and Chuck Roth have developed over years of journaling teaching, Keeping a Nature Journal guides you in creating ongoing journals for all seasons and purposes. You'll also learn techniques from other amateur and professional nature journalists.

Simple methods for capturing what you see in sketches and words will inspire you to make journaling a part of your daily life and will help you create journals to enjoy for years to come.

- (Workman Press.)

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