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New Books
Ghosts of Harvard : a novel
The end of October : a novel
The 20th victim
The talented Mr. Varg
Big summer
The one and only Dylan St. Claire
Too Many Jacks.
We dream of space
Jack at the Zoo.
Becoming Brianna
All adults here
How to pronounce knife : stories
A doll for grandma
Your nose! : a wild little love song
Mia Mayhem gets x-ray specs
One little bag : an amazing journey
Top 10 Dublin
A drop of midnight : a memoir
Rosa and Crystal
Ariana and Whisper
Jacky ha-ha : a graphic novel
What About Worms!?
The list of things that will not change
Teddy spaghetti
Sal & Gabi fix the universe
My life as a coder
Arguing with socialists